Monday, March 5, 2012


I hope everyone who has read this blog has taken my advice regarding this company. I have posted below some links to the consumer sites where complaints were posted against PVL and Heliopolis.

There are other people besides me who have been cheated. Whoever has worked with the company will confirm the fact that the job is just a scam to earn money. Any opinion posted in favour of the company has been posted by either Prashant, Varun or Sneha. Do not fall for any post that speaks in their favour because I guarantee you that you will be cheated. They have set up the company to extract money from people. The people most likely to fall for the job are young college students who try to earn some extra money but believe me, this is not the place to try.

When Prashant conducts the second training; believe it or not, in all his training sessions he says the same thing, word for word. Even the remarks that he makes and the jokes that he cracks are the same. He will always mention in the training that if someone complains to him regarding the job and payment then he tells them to go to court with the complaint.

If any one reads any comment posted on this blog in favour of PVL and Heliopolis, please do not think that if you try out the job you might turnout to be lucky and might earn some money. There is no way that you will get back the money you invested in getting the job.

Wishing all the job seeker all the best in their search.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Entry Process of British Text
earn rs 12,000/ pm.:9820188709/
9773331911, to

This site is for anyone who is looking for any information regarding PVL and HELIOPOLIS and their project Tyrus for FORMFILLING.

The firm is owned and operated by Prashant.

1.     Office No. 29, Heena Arcade, S.V. Road, Jogeshwari (West), Mumbai.(Second training on Thursday)
2.     Office No. 72, Vindhya Commercial Complex, Sector 11, Opposite State Bank Of India, CBD, Belapur.(Second training on Saturday)

Conditions for joining:
Pay Rs.4,000/- (Now increased) which is non-refundable.
Should have a PC at home to work on.

The details given below are regarding the Jogeshwari office.

After reading the advertisement in the paper when you give them a call they describe the job in brief over the telephone and ask you to come down and have a look at it.

If you go to the office, initially Sneha or Varun will give you a brief training for not more than 10-15 minutes, in which he/she will demonstrate the job with an HS form (HongKong form).  He/she will inform you about the conditions in the contract and if you agree to it then you have to pay Rs. 4,000/- (now fees increased), which is non-refundable.  He/she will give a receipt for the payment and a CD with the software required for the job and 50 small forms for practice.

You will be told that they have 3 types of forms:
1.     Small forms for which you get paid Rs. 2/- per form.
2.     Normal forms for which you get paid Rs. 5/- per form. (The normal forms are of two types:  HS and neuro.  The HS forms are relatively easily and less words to types but the neuro forms have a lot of words to type)
3.     Rare forms for which you get paid Rs. 10/- per form.  (These forms do not exist and if they do then they do not show you those forms).

You will be given a date for the second training, which will be conducted by Prashant and will be on a Thursday.

Terms of the contract:
1.     Joining fee non-refundable.
2.     Contact is valid for 10 months.
3.     Job is disqualified if accuracy is less than 90%.
4.     If 2 consecutive jobs are disqualified then the contract is canceled.
5.     98%-100% accuracy then 100% payout; 96%-97.99% accuracy then 60% payout; 94%-95.99% accuracy then 30% payout; 90%-93.99% accuracy then 10% payout.
6.     100% submission on the due date.
7.     Incomplete submission or late submission then the job is disqualified but you still have to submit it but you will not receive any payment.
8.     You can pickup as much as work you want but the job must be submitted on the due date.

Prashant will conduct the second training and will hand over the contracts to be signed and Xeroxed.  The original copy is handed over to him and the copy remains with you.

You will be informed that after the complete job is submitted on time along with a hard copy of the invoice regarding the payment you will receive an error report after 15 days indications the errors in the work submitted so that the errors are not repeated again.  You will also be told that if you have any doubt you can either call them or come to office to have them solved.

I have worked with them and have the proof to show that they are fraud and are only fooling people.

1.     The Error reports are never given on time (always after 15 days)
2.     The Error report is never free of error.  They will point out errors in the work which is right.
3.     When you complain about the error report they provide you with a new report which might take more than a month or two and by that time your two jobs will be disqualified and the contract is canceled.
4.     Another proof that they are fraud is that they do not have fresh forms.  The forms are repeated again and again and the same forms are given to multiple people.  All this just means that you feel that you are doing something useful but it is just a waste of your time and money.
5.     They will not accept any genuine excuse for late submission.
6.     When you approach them for doubts they will give you the wrong answer and they will not be responsible for the bad accuracy due to their mistakes.


I hope that whoever reads this finds it helpful and is not cheated.